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The rise in African American travel over the past 6 years due to increased education and income led to the creation of travel companies, such as Travel Noire, NoMadness and Tastemakers Africa.

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Hidden Gems

Our regular feature in which we visit some unique, hidden-away and off-the-beaten-track places and experiences you probably didn’t know existed…but which are truly worth a visit.

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Natural Wonders

There cannot be many natural experiences more enthralling on our planet than the annual spectacle when the arid, dusty brown plains and rugged mountain ridges of South Africa’s Namaqualand region almost overnight transform into an endless feast of bright, colourful wild flowers

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Harties Boat Company offers daily scheduled boat cruises from 1-3pm and 4-6pm on the beautiful Hartbeespoortdam. Only 30-40 minutes drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria and halfway between Johannesburg and Sun City/Pilanesburg.

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Discover Mzanzi

North West Province in South Africa is perhaps best known as the world capital of platinum mining. But it is also a province that treats its visitors to a seamless blend of a rich cultural history, fun and entertainment on a grand scale, and spectacular wildlife and natural scenery.

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Local Travel

It’s probably not exactly what Shakespeare had in mind in The Merry Wives of Windsor when he wrote that, “the world is your oyster”. But young people – and many not so young – the world over have given literal meaning to that phrase. The world is theirs to enjoy. And what better way to do so than by backpacking.

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Morocco is a firmly future-focused country that has succeeded in preserving its traditions and promoting its cultural heritage by harnessing them to drive development.

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Tourism Stellenbosch

An exhibition of the pre-colonial history, information on the founder of Stellenbosch as well as an interactive timeline of the people of Stellenbosch from 1679 to the year 2000.  It also consists of four period houses of historical interest and their gardens.

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Weskus Tourism

Experience the one and only WESKUS on the West Coast of South Africa.

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