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Why you need to try out paragliding immediately…

Have you ever thought flying would be fun? Mention the word paragliding and most people think “adrenalin rush”, “dare devils” and “jumping off mountains”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, paragliding is a recognised discipline of aviation that has seen tremendous growth across the globe.

It’s come a long way since the pioneering days in the ’80s and ’90s. Modern paragliding is the most affordable and accessible form of aviation worldwide, not to mention also the most sustainable with flights powered only by nature. Today’s gliders are designed using software and built using the latest materials and engineering available. They undergo rigorous testing according to European Norm (EN) Standards. In fact, Modern gliders are so well built that the current world record for long-distance flying is over 600kms, and that’s without an engine!

Getting a paragliding license opens up opportunities for free flights all over the world. There are established takeoffs in almost every country imaginable. Paragliders are able to fly off and sustain flight from a variety of geographic features: from dunes a few meters high to the towering gigantic mountains found in the Himalayas, and everything in between. Travelling with your glider takes being a tourist to new highs, literally and figuratively. The ability to fly after work at your local flying site is a privilege attainable to you.

Training to get a solo license is affordable to average corporate employees, small business owners and the like. The average cost of a course to get licensed in South Africa is around R20,000. The cost of brand new equipment will set you back around R65000. Decent pre-owned gear can be picked up from R20000 to R40000. Costs such as these are a fraction of what you would pay to get into any other form of aviation and more in line with other ground-based activities such as golf or cycling.

Air School Paragliding is a Cape Town-based school offering fun tandem flights as well as solo training for prospective pilots from student level all the way up to instructor status. They have a range of options for the newbie to try out. Tandem flights take place off stunning sites including Lions Head, Signal Hill, Paarl Rock, the Du Toitskloof Pass and Franschhoek. If you’ve only got a few hours to spare, try a tandem flight, if you’ve got 3 days to spare, check out their 3 day Basic License Training Course. The 3-day course combines tandem training (up to 5 flights) along with solo training (up to 5 flights) – the perfect mix to get you safely into the sky and on your way to becoming a licensed paragliding pilot.

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Contact: Ria Moothilal

Chief Flight Instructor
+27 722 88 99 22



Our Zipslide Tour, “foefieslide” adventure takes place above the Koekedouw River in the lovely mountains surrounding the Ceres Valley.  A mere 1½ hours’ drive from Cape Town, it is the perfect breakaway from the hectic city life!

Our Ceres Zip slide Tour offers 8 slides, totalling a length of 1.4km!  The amazing rock formations and river form a perfect backdrop to a fun-, adrenaline-filled adventure!  The surrounding Skurweberg Mountains forms a picturesque backdrop to your journey.

You will be kitted up in a full body harness with state of the art equipment (our patented braking system) and then 2 fully trained guides will take you on the Zipline tour into the mountain. Price includes a drink during and after the tour.

After being kitted up, you will hop on our “Zipslide taxi/bus” and we will transport you a short drive (about

5 km) up into the mountains! On the drive down the main road and through suburban Ceres, you will get a feel for our lovely town before we head up into the mountain.

From the drop off point, a short walk takes you to the departure point at the first slide, from where the

breath-taking view reaches over the town of Ceres and across the Ceres Valley.  Here the fun starts!

The slides vary in lengths from 100 meters to 291 meters! The highest point above the ground is 40 meters. The duration of the tour is group size dependant (1h00 – 1h30min average)

We operate in all-weather circumstances, we don’t have any group size limited, and children from 3 years old can take part in this amazing adventure.

Our office is situated at the “Natuurtuin” at the foot of the Michell’s Pass at the entrance of Ceres town from Cape Town side. (R46) We are open every day of the year from 9h00 to 15h00 (weekdays) and 8h00 – 15h00 (weekends.)

During peak seasons we are open till late.  Tours depart every hour. Bookings for weekends and for the last tour of the day are essential.

Please note: All Covid-19 protocols are in place. Our pricing structure is as follows:

Rate:  R 500.00 per person (all ages.)  Special rates for group bookings can be negotiated.

Bookings recommended.

Tourism Regards

Demetri, Angelique and Gabriël

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Cell: 079 245 0354 or 078 063 5134

Address: 1 Voortrekker Str, Ceres, 6835



Melkbos 4×4: Quad biking | 4×4 | Catering

Situated 25 km from Cape Town, We offer a wide variety of outdoor events from 4X4 tracks, guided quad-bike tours, archery to parties, corporate events and year-end functions.

The tracks at Melkbos 4×4 are sand tracks built  from easy to moderate, Bakgat and Helgat (for the 4×4’s) and Gatvol (for quad biking) orientated to guarantee a fun filled day.

Join the fun in your own 4×4 or join us for quad biking with a trail guide. We also offer a ‘season combo’, double the fun with 30 minutes Quad biking and 30 minutes Archery. The catering includes customised corporate packages (favorites on the menu includes the braai or lamb spit menu), lapas for private functions and on-site catering available.

Come and awaken the adventure at Melkbos 4×4.

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Contact: Hendrik
+27 83 489 1204




Established in 2009, S.W.A.T. LASER TAG MELKBOS VENUE is a premier special events venue that caters for any special event ranging from children’s birthday parties, bachelor and hen parties, team building events and many other special occasions. Situated on a farm just outside Melkbos Strand we offer a variety of combat fields as well as toilets, braai facilities and comfortable picnic sites – all our picnic sites are sheltered from the elements and have ample table space and seating and all offer shade to escape the African heat on those hot summer days as well as the rain on those colder winter days. With the beautiful Table Mountain as the backdrop to the venue you are guaranteed to get some awesome action pics on the day to remind you of the awesome time you had at our venue.

For larger groups and groups with specific catering needs there are catering options available as well so just drop us an email or give us a shout and we will assist with whatever occasion you are planning.

We operate 7 days a week and our experienced teams are on constant standby to make that special occasion a memorable one. Give us a call today!

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Contact: Donovan

mobile: +27 (0) 741 888 777




At Le Bonheur Reptiles and Adventures we aim to provide engaging experiences that nurture respect for the African Nile crocodile and other reptiles…and have been doing so or 40 odd years. Our animal guides are passionate about hosting, and creating conservation awareness in the next generation.

Our signature experience are the guided croc pond tours, conducted via wide walkways spanning 2 large dams where 200 odd Nile crocodiles (hatchlings to 4 meters plus specimens), a few other crocodilian species, and other reptiles are housed. Feeding tours are conducted during summer months. Our indoor snake exhibit (themed snakes in transit) boasts a small but interesting selection of local and exotic snakes, displayed in well curated informative space.

We are proud to be the first fully fledged Nile crocodile park in the Western Cape! Our very popular weekend snake shows (conducted on Saturdays and Sundays at 12 noon), is fact packed, interactive and highly entertaining! Touch opportunities are available – all PAPA approved and regulated…as is of course our thrilling croc cage dive encounter: highly rated and educational: an un-intrusive opportunity to get real close to Africa’s apex predator: the Nile crocodile. The cage dive activity is conducted in a newly renovated enclosure boasting 30 mm aquarium grade acrylic view panels, and is offered to walk ins, but we appreciate advance notice or online bookings.

We are proud to announce our new outdoor snake show arena. Able to seat up to 100 people picnic style, the arena will host ‘Africa’s deadliest snakes’ shows, due to occur on 26,29 December and 1 January. Bookings can be made online.

Le Bonheur also offers some tranquil experiences. Our waterfront garden boasts a pizzeria (hosting safe open air celebrations), picnics, waterside braai’s, catch and release fishing and row boating. Nestled in the winelands, central to Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl, it is truly an all-round family fun destination – welcoming you and your family 7 days a week.

Tel: 021 8631142

Business WhastApp: 0730741004




Award winning Marine Dynamics Shark & Whale Tours work in the unique Dyer Island Ecosystem. Guests on board sister company Dyer Island Cruises have the unique opportunity of potentially seeing all the Marine Big 5 in a single trip, nature permitting. The Marine Big Five™ – Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, the Cape fur seal, and the endangered African Penguin – are sure to enthral all marine animal enthusiasts.

The many sheltered areas of the bay provide the mating and calving ground for the Southern Right Whales that migrate here from the sub-Antarctic islands between June to December each year. You may also even see a breaching Humpback whale that is migrating along the coastline, a 3000 km journey from the sub-Antarctic islands towards Mozambique’s warmer waters. Or perhaps one of our local species, the shy Bryde’s whale may make an appearance.

Gansbaai is world renowned for the iconic great white sharks that visit the bay. Not to be outdone are the bronze whaler sharks, otherwise known as the copper sharks for their shimmering gold colour. A shark cage dive offers a close and personal view of these iconic predators. One hardly knows where to look when at the 60 000 strong Cape fur seal colony on Geyser Rock, opposite Dyer Island. The African penguin and other seabird species breed on the protected Dyer Island. The African penguin is sometimes seen in groups swimming at sea. Sadly, the species is classified as endangered with an estimated 10 400 breeding pairs left in South Africa.

We have three dolphin species that move through these waters – the Common dolphin, the Bottlenose, and the Humpback dolphin. Common dolphins are generally seen in large groups, even in the hundreds. Bottlenose dolphins tend to travel in family groups, whilst the elusive and endangered humpback dolphin may be sighted alone or in very small groups.

Our experienced crew and on-board marine biologist will offer a fun and educational experience whether you choose to go shark cage diving or enjoy a marine safari. By joining this tour, you can be assured that YOUR CHOICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE for conservation and the community through the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. Visit the key project – the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary. Entrance is free and penguin feeding can be observed at 3pm daily. Coffee and curio shop on site.

SOUTH AFRICANS can enjoy a special 40% discounted rate.

Marine Dynamics / Ph: 082 380 3405 /

Dyer Island Cruises / Ph: 082 8018014 /



Do you want to experience ultimate freedom?

Kitesurfing gives you a thrilling connection between the wind and ocean, as well as a liberating sense of openness and freedom  that is rarely found in other sports.

One of the amazing aspects of this extreme sport is that you can decide where you want to be on the scale. For some it is a way to relax and clear their mind, while others  do it for that rush of adrenalin.

With our kite school and the ideal conditions, you could find yourself up and riding on the board within a day. Fruitloops provides step-by-step kitesurfing lessons at the best locations along KZN’s coast. We cater to all skill levels, whether you are a first-time kiter or a seasoned kiter looking to take your riding to the next level. The learning experience is made easier through the use a two-way radio headset that allows us to communicate with you when you’re in the water.

Fruitloops kite school co-founders Joshua Emanuel and Lorenzo Valenti have over 17 years of experience in this competitive sport while developing the kite industry. Since we started kiting, the sport has evolved with leaps and bounds, and we now want to share our knowledge and passion for this one of a kind sport. With some of the most experienced instructors in the industry, we give our customers a fun and safe learning experience while using the industry bench mark in kite surfing technology and performance. We house a great new selection of the industry’s latest and greatest gear selection available for all kitesurfing, foiling and wing foiling enthusiast.

This is the ultimate adventure sport and  for anyone wanting to make the most of what our coastline has to offer. For the beach goers, surfers and fisherman that dread those windy days – you can’t stop the wind but you can learn to kitesurf.

With our extensive experience we offer personalized advice about kiting and gear, while working with the industry’s leading brands and athletes.

If you want to feel safe in venturing into the wile waters of kiting, we know the risks and had the same fears you may now hold.  We are confident that we will assist you to discover this new and exciting sport, one that is accessible to everyone.

Join us and this rapidly growing industry for a ride of your life.

Our fruitloops teams also hosts exclusive kite safaris, traveling regularly to Africa’s prime kiting locations as well as international kitesurfing events.

Feel free to look through our social media @fruitloops_za and our website

Contact +27 82 853 4221 / +27 76 829 8155





Departing from the Hermanus New Harbour, Majestic Cruises offers a wide range of excursions off the southern coast of South Africa’s Western Cape. Some of our packages include Tuna and reef fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, Eco Bay cruises and sunset cruises. Our fishing packages are very popular for beginners and experts alike and we recently added game fishing and crayfishing, in season, to our list of charters. For the open water diver enthusiasts our charters are the way to go. We have over 10 selected spots to dive giving you a variety of diving excursions to choose from, or if you are bold enough join us on the ultimate shark diving experience in pelagic waters with Blue and Mako sharks, overseen by the Sharklady. This is the best fit for the expert divers and marine photographers.  We are a team of expert skippers with years of experience under our belts. The crew is knowledgeable, entertaining, and passionate about helping preserve the ecosystem through sustainable fishing practices. Get ready to experience South Africa’s southern coast like never before and join Majestic Cruises for a fun day on the water!

Bookings : +27 83 746 8985 or +27 76 052 8971