Day spend on the Topless Red Citysightseeing Bus

Day spend on the Topless Red Citysightseeing Bus













It’s crazy how we take things for granted.

So many tourist comes to South Africa and they rave about the iconic trips they had on the “topless red bus”. I live in Cape Town and never made the effort to try the tours myself.

Our Mzanzitravel Magazines are freely available at the Cape Town and Johannesburg Depots.

This year was the first time that I climbed aboard the hop-on-hop-off topless bus. I can’t rave enough.  I loved the fact that there where so many options and If i didn’t want to get off the bus to explore then it was ok to stay on board and move on to the next top. The Buses were on time and moving between places all the time.


What impressed me the most was sitting on top of the bus with the wind blowing on my face and listening to the voice of the audio tour operator. He/she was so informative. Everything was said on time as we passed the area being discussed. It was as if there was a actual Tour guide on the bus with us. So before you  get off the bus you have information of the place that you  going to explore. So Go online and check out the different options and start exploring.







Don’t forget they have canal trips too.








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