Ecotravel in the African Wilderness

Realising the need for humanity to make a difference through ecotravel as the pressure on the planet and its people grows, South African-based EcoTraining offers accredited safari guide courses, gap year travel opportunities, inspirational wildlife guardian courses, niche wildlife photography and birding courses as well as educational customised corporate courses.

ecotravelEcotravel is an idea that shifts the notion of what travel is and what travel should be, and travelling in Africa should work towards a restored legacy for the generations to come, says the company.

“The principles of ecology are universal: we are part of nature and that capitalism needs to be balanced with a strong environmental consciousness and accountability” says Anton Lategan, Managing Director of EcoTraining. Responsible tourism promotes the positive equilibrium between travel, community upliftment, and the natural environment. Engaging with tourism activities that educate you will not only empower and inspire you but it will place you in the position to play a vital role in securing the future and conservation of our planet.

Sleeping in an unfenced camp with animals roaming around you or taking bush walks in prime wilderness areas confronted by the Big 5 are unique, exhilarating experiences. The company advocates spending time in the bush as a class-room like none other with its fluctuating environments and its culturally rich inhabitants. In 2016, EcoTraining trained people from 33 countries around the world from all walks of life through environmental education. EcoTraining’s goal is to create safari guides and wildlife guardians of the natural world.

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Source: Supplied by EcoTraining