Explorer Camp at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Explorer Camp for the Safari experience of a lifetime.


.  If you are the adventurer looking for an authentic safari experience look no further.

Walking or camping amongst the wild is not for anyone. It’s definitely not one of the things listed on my bucket list but after visiting this luxurious camp site I was blown away. I could not absorb enough of the tranquility. There was no cell phone reception so it was a complete break away from city life. This type of camp life forces you to have more self awareness of the things happening around you.

This camp is located along a beautifully shaded riverbed and qualified guides are always at hand ready to educate you about the cultural and natural history of the campsite and protect you from the wildlife that surrounds you.

You will be surrounded by a variety of birds, flora and not forgetting and opportunities to encounter the Big 5.








This seasonal camp offers adventurous guests an authentic walking experience to explore the Karoo while sleeping in luxury tents and enjoying evenings around a campfire. The perfect setting for story telling around the camp fire, while the aroma of the potjie is simmering and teasing your taste buds while enjoying a mug of hot chocolate or a sun downer.









.           Washing is an experience on it’s own all together. My advice to you is shower during the day as it’s an open outdoor shower as you can see in the picture above. The lantern will pride light. If anyone is using the shower it will be indicated by laying the red pole across the horns as shown by the guide in the picture above. After you shower you will remove the red pole from the horns and put it upright next to the lantern to indicate that the shower is available to be used.


.  The Explorer Camp operates during the summer months (October – April) and each wilderness trail takes two days to complete, with departures each Friday.

Regretfully, no persons younger than 16 years are able to participate in the wilderness trail walks.  Restrictions apply to persons over 60 years, please contact Sanbona Wildlife Reserve  for the criteria.



To book or enquiries for this Explorer Camp

email- reservations@sanbona.com

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