Have you ever fallen asleep behind the wheel ?

Then why risk your family’s and your own safety while driving when drowsy ?

Use  the iFatigue monitor in your Car, Bus or Taxi and you will get an audible and visual warning in time when you are distracted, feeling drowsy or fatigued behind the wheel !

The most affordable and easy to use Driver Fatigue monitor is available from !   It is easy to install, and very easy to use !  Just plug it into the lighter plug and mount it on the dashboard or behind the steering wheel.  The unit will indicate Eye detection, Gps signal and a Fatigue status Led to keep you informed !

The T20 Tracking Device from iFatigue is very small and can be added or connected to the Fatigue Monitor to record the Fatigue Alarms with Pictures and Keep Track of your Vehicle at the same time !

Please note, this device is not intended to keep you awake while driving !  It is an early warning device, to help you to take responsibility to Act, Stop, take a break and rest !!

Contact Pieter Jacobs on 0828744247  or email to to place your order

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