N4 Toll Route

Trans African Concession (TRAC), manages the N4 Toll Route from Tshwane to Mozambique.
The N4 toll route is a BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) toll road and is approximately 570km long starting in the east of Tshwane and ending in Maputo.

TRAC has a 30-year concession with the South African and Mozambican national roads agencies – SANRAL and ANE respectively –  which was signed in 1997. As the concessionaire of the N4 Route, TRAC has to develop and maintain it to such an extent that improves and facilitates the stimulation of trade and investment in its regions – namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Mozambique. This is made possible through the finds generated from toll fees from the six mainline and eight ramp plazas along the route, namely:
Mainline Plazas
South Africa

Diamond Hill (with eight associated ramp plazas)
Ramp Plazas (RSA only)
Donkerhoek West
Cullinan West
Ekandustria East

Continuous maintenance, expansion and rehabilitation of the N4 Toll Route will result in the South African and Mozambican governments (the legal owners of the road), will be given an essentially ‘new road’ at the end of the concession – 2027.

The N4 Toll Route has been designed to world class standards with a focus on safety, convenience and ease of travel. The route’s signage, road surface and markings are of the highest quality to ensure motorists can travel with peace of mind.

Safety is one of our priorities and for this reason we put immense effort into ensuring a safe road for all N4 road users. We monitor our road closely, and take corrective action to improve road safety at prominent accident spots, working hand-in-hand with law enforcement authorities and Emergency Services personnel.

We believe in being proactive, rather than reactive, and therefore daily route patrols are conducted by TRACAssist which together with the TRAC Helpdesk is available 24/7/365 to assist road users with emergencies, incidents or queries.

The TRAC Helpdesk is a core element of our operations as it is the link between the road users and the different departments of the company. It also facilitates communication between TRACAssist, state and private emergency assistance stakeholders and road users.

Coupled with TRAC’s commitment to provide a safe and efficient route for all road users, we also conscientiously try and curb the plight of overloading on our highway and its feeder roads. Overloaded vehicles cause extensive damage to South Africa’s roads every year. This compromises the safety of all road users and is extremely expensive to repair.

Although TRAC has no law enforcement rights, we manage 17 load control centres (weighbridges) in Mpumalanga and a further three weighbridges in Mozambique where traffic officers are able to perform their law enforcement role.


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