How to be a responsible Traveler

Responsible travel is about having more authentic holiday experiences that enable you to get more out of your travels and to give more back to your destinations and their local people.

Below are some tips on how to travel responsibly.

  • Choose a responsible operator by reading up on the agencies, policies and feedback from clients. This will enable a trustworthy relationship with your agent to provide excellent customer service.
  • Always have a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything before you head off to your destination.
  • Reduce your carbon emissions by travelling by train or public transport. This will also be a cheaper way to travel.
  • Book direct flights avoiding any transfers.
  • Read up on the local cultures and learn a few words of the local language so you can communicate with locals. Travelling with respect earns you respect.
  • Always ask your tour operator for tips on responsible tourism and get as much information as possible.
  • Ask your tour operator if there are any social projects that you could visit on your trip and how you can support them.
  • Always make 2 copies of each document that you will need on your trip, one should be left at home with relatives and one always kept with you should you lose any original documents.
  • Always ask your tour operator for an itinerary so your tour can be planned to schedule before you depart.
  • Read up on airport policies regarding your luggage and items you pack in to avoid any delays.


While on holiday you should consider the following

  • Hire a local tour guide to discover more about the places you want to see and the culture of the locals.
  • Always arrive 15 minutes earlier than scheduled wherever you go.
  • Do not buy products that are imported or made from endangered species, hardwoods or ancient artifacts.
  • Travel with public transport or as groups to lower your expenditure on all your travels in and around the destination.
  • Respect local cultures, traditions and holy places. Always ask if you are unsure as certain actions can offend the locals.
  • Use water wisely as it’s very precious to most countries.
  • Make sure that water in the destination is drinkable to avoid getting any sicknesses that can affect your trip.
  • Try to make use of using as less paper as possible, always keep brochures in a safe place to avoid losing them and replacing them.
  • Many travellers enjoy capturing those exciting moments of their trip by taking photos. Always ask locals for their permission if you want to photograph them. Many temples, mosques and holy places don’t allow photography, always be sure and ask a local for advice. Always be mindful of your actions. Dress and act modestly so that you don’t offend others.


When you get back from your trip

  • Write to your tour operator with any comments and feedback about your holiday.
  • If you have promised to send any locals pictures of your hometown, please do so as many are promised and not all arrive.
  • Enjoy the memories and reflect on your experiences to start planning your next trip.