How your business can survive Covid-19…

Stay in business and get ready to bounce back after the Covid-19 pandemic ends – here’s how

Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining…. if you just look hard enough! The multiple impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus has hit us all hard, especially those of us in the tourism, travel and hospitality sector. But it’s not all doom and gloom. With a little creative thinking and by doing things differently, you will not only be able to keep your business going through these difficult times but will also be ready for the post-virus tourism boom we believe will inevitably follow.

Mzanzitravel magazine can help you

We here at Mzanzitravel are ready to help you do just that. This virus has taught us again just how interdependent we all are. We are all in this together, having to work together and devise strategies that help one another. Every link in the chain is as important as the next one – we cannot afford to lose a single one. So here at Mzanzitravel we put on our thinking caps to see how we can assist our advertisers and many friends and colleagues in the industry to not only survive this difficult time, but to bounce back fully and reach new heights thereafter.

In our previous newsletter we posed the questions whether it was all doom and gloom, what  businesses could do differently to survive, and what we can do to keep the economy going. The last question is easy to answer first: if we can keep our businesses going and be ready for the post-virus return to what will be a ‘new normal’, we will be helping to keep the economy going. As for doing things differently that can help us as individual businesses, we came up with some excellent options for you. Before we tell you more about them, consider the following.

Things to consider

  • Post-virus recovery. Once the lockdowns and/or Covid-19 pandemic and all the accompanying disruptions and stresses are all over, people will not only want to get back to work and business and return to living as normal as possible, they will also want to recharge their physical and mental batteries – meaning, they will seek some stress-relieving breaks and holidays and to have some fun again. You can start responding to that inevitable post-virus demand now already.
  • Focus locally. Countries, including South Africa, are likely to lift virus-related restrictions gradually (not all at once) and some international travel restrictions may remain for a while. And even if they are lifted, many people may continue for a while to be wary of international travel. So we believe it may be prudent to first focus on the domestic market and encourage your fellow South Africans to make use of your offerings. They will be in need of it. And that way your tourism or hospitality business or service will be up and running and will also be ready for foreign tourists once they start returning to our shores.
  • Maintain your presence: There’s nothing worse for a business to not be seen or heard of and then become forgotten. And having been forced to shut down indefinitely is doing exactly that to so many businesses in the travel and tourism industry in South Africa. But it need not be – you can still maintain your presence in the market place and ensure that people continue to know about your business and what it offers, so that they can make use of it the moment restrictions are lifted. And because we know that in this period everyone’s income and cash flow is severely limited, we have come up with some very low-cost options to assist you.
  • Don’t delay, start now. By waiting until after the virus threat or lockdown is over before trying to get back into business, you will be wasting valuable time and money. Start now and be prepared so you can be first out of the starting blocks. That way you can start doing business and earning revenue immediately again once restrictions are lifted. There are even ways of generating revenue right now.

Some tips:

  • Offer our readers discounted packages or deals now. However, because you cannot yet provide them dates for when they can use these bookings because of lockdown uncertainty, you can for example, allow them to make a booking now which they have to use within 6 months after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. To reserve such a booking you may require them to pay a deposit now.
  • Similar to the above option, you can invite people, for example, to join your ‘holiday club’ whereby, if they join now and pay a fee/deposit they will be able to select any option from your offerings to be utilised once the virus restrictions are lifted.

Of course, there are many other possible options one can make use of to ensure a continued flow of business, even if scaled down or limited. The point is not to become despondent and give up, but to think out of the box and not to try and do business as usual. Stay in the flow with new ideas and options and start doing it right now so that your enterprise will be guaranteed to get back into business in full swing the moment restrictions are lifted.

Our offer to assist you

Because we understand that business, income and cashflow have been severely repressed, we have come up with some hugely discounted, cost-saver advertising options to help you stay in sight, in competition, in demand and in business.

Triple Linked Cost-saver Package

With these heavily discounted packages starting at R7,000 for a one-third page horizontal advert, you will receive the following:

  1. Your advert will appear in our digital online magazine as well as in our print magazine
  1. You get an immediate listing in our Hidden Gems section online that runs for a full year and includes your logo, 500 words, 12 images, embedded video, your social media links, website address, contact details, a direct booking button, and a map of directions to your business.
  1. Plus, your property/service/offering will be included in an editorial article in our digital and print magazine, also to be uploaded online to our website even before we go to print – just send us 250 words plus 2 high-resolution pictures with your booking.

All advertising will also benefit from our ongoing social media campaigns. Based on a one-third horizontal advert, the normal value of this R7,000 package would be R14,500 excluding the free editorial article inclusion. Book now to avoid disappointment. Clients must supply finished artwork.

Business Card Advert

If your budget or operating costs are badly depleted due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, but you would like to maintain a presence in the marketplace throughout this crisis period, this may be the option for you. We have reserved space towards the back of our magazine specifically for such business card-sized “smalls” at a cost of R3,500 per business card advert. Upon booking, simply send us the finished artwork / material.

Two Editions Discount Deal

Book to advertise in our upcoming edition of Mzanzitravel at any of our current discounted rates and receive a booking for the same advertisement at the same discounted rates in our next edition too. So your advert goes into two editions of the magazine at the current discounted rates. Due to space limitations, bookings for this options will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis and all bookings for this option have to be made before 29 May 2020. Clients to supply artwork / material.

For more details or to book, call our Hotline:

071 911 9467 or send an email to

In the meantime, we trust you are all staying safe and healthy. Remember to isolate as much as possible, maintain your 2m distance in public, wear a face mask in public and frequently wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based disinfectant.

In our next newsletter we will feature some of the innovative and marvellous special deals that some of our clients are offering in these challenging times as well as some handy tips and news about other developments. From us here at Mzanzitravel, stay safe till then!


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