Join us in beating the virus!

It’s been called the greatest disaster to ever hit the global travel and tourism industry. Borders are being closed. Countries are in complete lockdown. Travel bookings have been cancelled everywhere. Airlines are in dire straights and many will go bankrupt. Hotels, lodges, tour operators, game reserves have all experienced the disappearance of visitors and revenues. And it has all been caused by an invisible little coronavirus called Covid-19. 


Travel has been one of the biggest conveyor belts of this virus. Especially international travel, with foreign visitors bringing the virus to countries that were previously unaffected. From there the virus is spread internally in countries by their own infected citizens through social contact. Again the travel and tourism industry is hardest hit, with restaurants, pubs, public transport, tourist attractions, museums, and the likes being shut down. Entire cities and countries have gone into lock down.


So, is it all gloom and doom, or are there alternatives?

What are businesses/people doing – alternative options, adapting etc – to beat this?

It’s not business as usual, but some innovative alternative options are being made available by businesses in the travel and tourism sector.

So, what can we do to help keep our economy going and continue living as close to normal as possible?

Lastly, what are your rights or should you do in respect of cancelled flights or other bookings, refunds, travel insurance?

Join us in coming days and weeks as we address these and other questions online and in the next print edition of Mzanzitravel magazine. Life goes on – let’s live it, albeit differently and responsibly!

Important Message


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We wish to advise all our clients that due to South Africa’s national lockdown from midnight 26 March to midnight 16 April 2020 because of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, we have been forced to make some changes here at Mzanzitravel.

Instead of our magazine going to print end of May 2020, we will now go to print and distribute the magazine in June, providing the lockdown is NOT extended for a further period. The online digital version of the magazine will go live in July 2020. We will be boosting the visibility of the digital format of the Mzanzitravel Magazine online. We will be posting ongoing updates here to keep you informed of developments.


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To assist our clients in still getting their message out to their target audiences and to compensate for the disruptions, we are offering all our advertisers special discounted rates for advertising with us both in our print edition or online. Please contact us for these excellent rates. We will also be able to create special personalised or tailor-made packages for clients, both in print and online, during April and May 2020.


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Be ready for the post-virus boom!

We realise that life as we know it has been severely disrupted and that right now things may look very uncertain to you. But this too will pass, and when it does people will need a break away from stress, lockdowns and uncertainty. Get ready for that. Make use of our special advertising rates and packages now to bring your post-lockdown and post-coronavirus packages to the attention of our readers – it will allow them to start making provisional bookings at the soonest opportunity.