Live Record’s travelling plan

Our plan to travel across the country on a six-month road trip has not quite kicked off as we intended, but the future’s still bright and hopeful! We all remember President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement on the 28th of December 2020, with the lockdown restrictions and curfews becoming even stricter. All these restrictions on traveling (amongst other things) came merely a week before we were scheduled to leave on our road trip. It became clear to us that traveling at such a time would be irresponsible and a decision was made to not leave on the date we initially planned, but to patiently wait for a time that would allow us to take on this adventure to its fullest potential.

For those of you hearing about this South African passion project for the first time, Live Record is a movement aimed at reconnecting South Africans after spending such a long time apart. Our mission is to inspire Mzansi to make the effort to rediscover their beautiful country and to serve as an example of how all great adventures start with a changed mindset. We refuse to be discouraged by systems put in place to make us think that we cannot travel and appreciate our country because of financial circumstances and disadvantages, and even more so we refuse to be fearful of exploring our beautiful country due to the current state of the pandemic. We want to lead by example, to show people that not only can the country be traveled safely in these scary times, but with passion and adventure looming around every one of Mzansi’s nine corners, it beckons to be explored!

Even though we might not have all the resources in place that we need to start the journey, we remain steadfast, as we are more than just a couple of people with a dream to travel. Our determination to expose this country to its population and other adventurers of the world pushes us to defy the odds and to stand up from a place of disadvantage. It is in the journey that one learns, appreciates and makes an impact, and therefore we are not discouraged by the challenge that comes from South Africa’s current situation. We are now more motivated and determined than ever to fulfill our goal for this journey.

In spite of all the obstacles we are yet to overcome, we can’t help but look forward to the exhilarating white water rafting session we have booked on the Vaal River in Parys! We also still day dream about  skydiving in Mossel Bay on a regular basis and can’t wait to actually experience it for the first time. We don’t only want to visit the greatest hits though, as we know there are so many hidden gems scattered throughout South Africa that we are dying to find!

So if you have the heart of an adventurer, but still feel a bit anxious about the financial and health risks in traveling the country, then let us take the first steps in showing you the power of faith, positivity and taking action. We want to reassure you, dear reader, that our road trip is just around the corner and we ask you to keep faith with us, as we cannot wait to share our journey with you!