Masterpieces Hair Salon Experience

The outstanding customer service received by local hair salon Masterpieces was just an experience I just had to mention.









.                  There are certainly days when you just need to do some retail shopping, go to a spa or have your hair done.  I came across this hair salon tucked away in the corner of a tiny shopping complex.  On our way to review a guest lodge we decided to take a few hours out and have our hair done. I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t know this salon. As I entered I received such a wonderful warm welcome. I felt as if I was a regular customer. Not just one but all the staff was so friendly greeting as they passed by.

I had no idea what I wanted to have done with my hair but the lady attending to me was so professional as she just smiled as gave me different options. I was blown away as I felt like I was the only the only customer in the salon. From the welcome at the door to handing me over to the lady that washed my hair and prepped me for the stylist to the manager was so knowledgeable of the products and the advice given me. They explained the reasons for the style that they chose for me. I didn’t think that the hairstyle needs to compliment the shape of your face.

Washing and massaging of my hair is always a destressing moment that never last long enough as I enjoy it so much. They treated my hair and sculpt with wonderful products and a gentle touch. While having our hair cut and styled we were offered a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit. The friendly conversations with staff made me feel so at ease. I honestly can’t tell you my favorite part of being at the salon as it all was awesome.

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