at Face Adrenalin

What an experience. Where do I begin so many questions ran through my head.

I wanted to experience this jump yet so many people’s reaction was like “are you crazy?”

When you faced with an activity of such magnitude it really grounds you. (lol excuse the pun). Naturally I started doing research. Watched how people jumped. Yet still when the day arrived I was freaked out yet excited. So on arrival they take you to be weighed and then you have to sign on the dotted line…. then there is no turning back.

As tension starts to mount they took Cheryl and I (Mzanitravel’s tag team) to get all strapped up at this point I sheepishly started giggling. I started getting more anxious and just wanted to get to the bridge, prepping myself in my head and thinking of all the positive comments that I got.









Finally they rounded us up and off we marched all geared up ready to go. We had the backing of Michael our colleague, Shauna & Nolan of Tsitsikamma Lodge and Spa. They did the bridge walk with us and supported us at the jumping point. Having people with helped calm the nerves.








Walking to the middle of the bridge to the jumping point was a challenge on it’s own. So if you have a fear of heights this walk will be daunting but very safe. It’s such a thrilling experience on it’s own for those not brave enough to jump.  Crossing that bridge gave me all the adrenaline I needed to conquer the jump.










Once we got to the jumping spot I was all worked up and ready to go. The staff was very professional and most friendly. They knew how to keep us calm and made jokes till the end. So at this point reality hits when the first jumper gets tossed. As the one jumps they start prepping the other one. It’s relatively a fast pace the staff work but constantly double checking for safety sake.  I now start to worry as I’m two minded about removing my dentures as I have some of my own teeth and some dentures. To my advantage I wore a jacket with a zip pocket so as they wear strapping me up and I was next to jump, I removed my dentures and securely placed it in my jacket pocket. I was not gonna chance loosing it. most people didn’t even know as I just kept a serious face.









So finally the time arrives and its show time! I stood up and with help of two staff members,  I started hopping to the edge. As I got closer I felt my heart beating like in the cartoon’s. I was overwhelmed with the view. Blown away by the scenery, I realized there is it no turning back. At this point I close my eyes silently said a pray and visions of support from my Instagram followers @oceansedgeumdloti came to mind “Jump the first time you think of jumping. The longer you wait the harder it gets” that got me over the edge. The second my feet left the bridge I felt a sense of freedom never felt before. When I felt the rope tighten on my ankles I knew it was over. Just like the feeling of being on a swing I enjoyed being swayed and enjoyed wind on my face. Before I knew it, I was being hauled up to the bridge.









Cheryl stated that when it was time to take the step to the edge of the platform her heart stopped for a minute. She froze unable to let go of the guides arms. She prayed, and off she went over the edge. Screaming as  she fell was all we could hear from her. While falling was a major rush, but hanging there upside down was not her most pleasurable moment. She was gazing at the scenery below thinking well if the rope snaps, which rock would she hit her head on. All in all, an amazing adrenalin rush










We met some brave souls along the way, some local and international (Ryan Vachon) . Thank you Face Adrenaline for this amazing experience. We would definitely recommend this for crazy adrenalin junkies.


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