Robin Hood Legendary Wines


In the last few years of the 1900’s there were only one or two farms with vineyards in Elgin. With the passion to set a new standard in wine,

Mark Simpson set to work to establish a family-run, and boutique vineyard on Arumdale, his farm with the highest soil quality.

Happily there have been many years since the first vintage of 2003, and a record of the most delectable wine product has been established. The long season, enabled by the Elgin cool climate, has opened the way to us to be able to produce uniqueness in each wine since the first production  of 2003.

The current set of wines that are produced, number seven in total, three being “Formal”, where all the bells and whistles are used in what we call the “Zenith” wine-making method. Following the former three, the exceptional, and adventurous set of four “Informal” wines, namely the fine Robin Hood Legendary Wine Series is made whilst applying more basic wine-making practice, yielding excellence without concurrent excessive expenditure.

Our objectives have been straight and simple: 1) Use excellent, long ripened grapes. 2) Patiently make the wine in as natural a way as is possible. 3) Complete attention to the cultivar specifics… both in the vineyard, and in the cellar.

Our customers are offered wine at really affordable value, quality necessarily dominating our whole approach.

A UNIQUE APPROACH…..THE ROBIN HOOD LEGENDARY WINE SERIES, made up of our informal wines, and they are: “The Robin Hood”, “The Maid Marian”, “The Little John”, and “The Friar Tuck”. These MATCH A MEAL FROM START TO FINISH! Hors d’oeuvres through to cheeses after dinner!

EXTREMELY SMOOTH, FORMAL AND FINE…..THE ARUMDALE COOL-CLIMATE WINES, made up of the mouth-watering ”Pink Shiraz” for the finest Salmon and Sushi, fine cuisine, the “Special Long-Yeast Contact Sauvignon Blanc” (L.Y.C.) for grilled or steamed Fish, white meat, and calamari. The depth of the great African night sky, is the stellar “Arumdale St Andrew”. Here is our fabulous Bordeaux styled three-way blend, palate-warming and memorably lingering depth of flavour.  A flagship of note.


ORDERS may be made by email, or phoned through to 021 8593430. Our Staff are there 9am-1pm, and 2pm-4pm weekdays, or by special arrangement.

LOADING UP IN ELGIN Our depot is at the R321 turnoff towards Villiersdorp, off the Oudebrug Road (The road from N2, back to the N2), grid reference: 34 deg. 09’14.69” S and 19 deg. 01’ 4828” E