Work Less, Travel More… It Heals Body and Soul

By Staff Writer

Burnt out, stressed, depressed, unfulfilled, overworked, and not in a good place?

Then travel might just be what you need, plus some healthy living routines, like maybe yoga, lots of fresh fruit, lots of me-time and lots of sunshine. Send stress and burnout packing, work less, travel more, revitalise and redesign your life.

Sound too good to be true? Well, Sharni Quinn, a vibrant energetic young yoga teacher, wellness, personal branding and life coach from Cape Town who now lives in paradise in Bali, is living proof that this recipe works and that it can be done. And she now helps other women around the world to do just that. But men can of course also benefit and learn from her.

Travel a vital remedy

Sharni gave up all the negative things in her life, travelled widely, has written a book, started and ran four wellness businesses involving yoga and healthy lifestyle habits, and now is location independent offering online and video coaching programs, workshops and retreats world-wide to other women to stress less, live more and create more freedom in their personal and business lives. And travel is one of the vital remedies she recommends for a healthier physical and mental life.

She says that at various points in her life she knew that things needed to change but always felt petrified and not sure what steps to take.

She eventually found her own stress-free place under the sun, but not before having experienced total burnout twice. In 2007 Sharni changed careers from working in branding and advertising to yoga becoming a yoga teacher.

“In 2010 I made the most difficult decision of my life and asked my bipolar husband for a divorce. I then left everything behind and travelled for nine months to India, Bali and Australia on my own personal healing and follow-the-sun journey.

“After travelling, I moved back to Cape Town with nothing – no house, no car, no job and no money.

Over the next 3 years, I successfully built up my client base to a point where I was teaching 6 private yoga classes a day. Working with a business coach, I grew ‘Follow the Sun’ into a full wellness business, taking on yoga teachers and life coaches under my brand.

“I assisted in transforming many women’s lives over 7 years, created my empire, plus starting and running various other wellness-based businesses, but then had to let it all go as my body had burnt out and I physically could not work anymore. In 2018 I decided to redesign my life. I sold my yoga retreat business and was free of the stress of trying to be Superwoman and doing too much, which essentially was what caused my burnout.

Relaxing in paradise

“I now spend my days living in the paradise of Bali and only work a maximum of 3 hours a day in a supportive, conscious, healthy, calm community. And I am inspiring more women by working online and facilitating worldwide instead. It has been quite the transformation over the past 12 years and yet… I wouldn’t change a thing,” she says.

From her own experience, she says there are many lessons to be learnt. She says stress can be very hazardous to a woman’s nervous system, organs and hormones, so bad that over a period of time it may lead to all kinds of health issues like chronic fatigue, adrenal dysfunction, loss of memory and concentration, gut issues, weight gain, anxiety, depression, kidney issues, liver failure, hypothyroidism or even infertility, autoimmune disease or breast and cervical cancer.

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice that you have made. Your life is your story! You get to choose how it is written. Stress less and live more…think less and feel more…do less and relax more…plan less and play more…micromanage less and let go more,” she advises.

To other women suffering such anxieties, stress, burnout and unfulfillment, she says she can help: “I can be your burnout support angel and your life transformation cheerleader”. Her passion these days is to live an inspired, calm and soulful life – bringing more lightness, gentleness and wholeness to the world – and to inspire more women to do the same. She does this now as an authority on the subject of women’s wellbeing through natural healing and life transformation. Sharni believes you are meant to shine and live your best life!

Helping others

She put her experience and 12 years as a yoga teacher and Life Coach to good use. When she’s not travelling herself, she is inspiring others to transform from ‘burnout to bliss’ and from ‘feeling trapped to being free’ by offering online courses, coaching programs and in-person workshops. Her worldwide travels have also allowed her to learn from many other teachers, gurus and healers enabling her to develop step-by-step processes and programs from which others are now able to benefit.

Apart from her coaching and teaching she’s also a wellness travel writer, serious blogger, influencer, speaker and facilitator, did various advanced yoga course, learnt Thai yoga massage and basic traditional Chinese medicine, spent two years training in metaphysics under Colleen-Joy-Page, qualified as an international InnerLifeSkills® Life Coach, and studied at the Professional Speakers Academy.

Over the past 10 years Sharni has taught more than 6,500 classes, focusing on private, corporate and small group yoga sessions. She’s spent months practicing in the Sivananda Ashram in India, attended workshops and talks all over the world, and continues to absorb, experience and learn as much as possible from many teachers around the globe.

Sharni has organized, planned, arranged and facilitated international and Cape Town-based ‘Women Well-being’ retreats and facilitated workshops for corporate executives.

With a love for writing, Sharni has been featured in international magazines as well as being the South African contributor for the international Inspirational Women Magazine and a monthly contributor and yoga expert for the Natural Medicine Magazine. In 2014 she self-published her book and personal memoir Follow the Sun and is soon to launch her new book ‘Reboot in Bali: Your ultimate healthy travel guide to Bali and surrounding islands.’

Speaking at women’s wellness events is one of her passions. She speaks to audiences from 30 to 900 people at various events on subjects ranging from women’s health, to stress management and self-care.

She’s just launched a new program for yogis, coaches and female wellness professionals and is also in the process of developing a new yoga, meditation and life coaching program – the ‘Freedom Women membership Program’ where women will learn to stress less and live more.

Take time to travel

Sharni also emphasises that travelling can be a great part of the healing and re-energising process.

“Everybody deserves a break for a self-pampering holiday to escape the stress of everyday life, recharge, revitalise, reprioritise and simply just to nurture yourself. Every now and again, getting out of your routine and escaping to paradise is precisely what the doctor ordered,” she says. “There’s nothing like travel to heal the body and soul.”

Travel could include visiting one of the many fantastic yoga and health retreats around the world, or it could be because you just need some ‘me’ time all on your own. It’s important to find the time to connect with yourself, to nurture yourself, to rest, recuperate and possibly even to heal from a sad heart.

“Solo travel is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself over the past 10 years. Before that, I never even considered travelling on my own! It wasn’t really an option when I was married. But after my divorce, and my 9-month travel trip to India, Bali, and Australia, I realised what a healing experience it actually was.

“Plus, even though you may be departing and flying solo, it’s so easy to meet people once you are travelling, and who knows what kind of fellow yoga friends – or holiday romance – you may encounter along the way.

Here’s Sharni’s list of her favourite wellness destinations around the world where you can pamper and nurture your soul:

Slow – Gili Air, Lombok, Bali

On a tiny eco-island in the middle of a beautiful turquoise warm ocean, with luxury villas, each with its own private swimming pool and coconut garden, where you can chill at your villa, go for a massage or facial at their soul-nurturing spa, or go down to the beach for a sunset cocktail.

Rice Joglo – Ubud, Bali

A peaceful retreat amidst rice fields where you can do traditional Balinese cooking classes, or relax in an outdoor bath tub.

Salt House – Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka

Hidden away in a quiet surfing bay, you can enjoy the sound of the ocean, monkeys at play, an intimate yoga haven, walks on the beach and much more.

Mount Nelson Hotel – Cape Town

An island of tranquillity in the middle of a beautiful city where you can indulge in a delicious afternoon high tea, relax around the stunning swimming pool, or enjoy yoga in their vast, open gardens while soaking up the view of majestic Table Mountain.

The Station Retreat Hotel – Seychelles

For a combination of wholesome food, yoga, a homeopathy clinic and wellbeing centre, beautifully individually decorated rooms and a quiet, laid-back ambience. Take a walk and explore abundant nature on foot, relax around the pool, sail around the island, or hop on the bus to explore some of the best of Mahé’s beaches.

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort – Nosara, Costa Rica

Close to a little beach town that is known for its yoga culture and Pacific beaches like Playa Guiones, with its long surf break, and nestled in the jungle, you’ll find Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, a true sanctuary of peace, balance and rejuvenation.